Palmeira Physiotherapy and sports injury clinic

Palmeira physiotherapy clinic has been established for over 10 years specialising in neck, back pain, muscle, ligament, tendon and sports injuries.

Photo - External shot of Palmeira Physiotherapy building

What will happen at my first appointment and why physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can help to identify your problem and undertake appropriate treatment. This can help to ease the pain and return you back to normal activities and function.

If physiotherapy is not appropriate then I will explain the nature of the problem and direct you to the appropriate specialist.

The treatment will consist of taking a history of your condition including your general health.

A full examination will be undertaken followed by an explanation of the findings and treatment a programme will be undertaken at the time of assessment.

This can include hands on approach (manual therapy) to the effective area to restore movement and decrease pain along with advice to aid your recovery and to help prevent further injury.

An individual home exercise programme will be taught specific to your problem with follow up treatment arranged if required.

Cost of treatment

£35.00 per treatment

£33.00 for senior citizens, students and children.

Axa, ppp, Aviva, Bupa registered.

Referrals – You can refer yourself directly to our clinic or via your GP or consultant.